Corporate environmental management system

Corporate Environmental Management System

An ecologically harmless footprint, responsibly in handling of harmful substances, disposal and recycling have been in people’s awareness in the past and are nearly a matter of course today. Sigrist was certified 1996 according to DIN ISO 14001. Our team thinks and acts within the framework of standards contained therein and far beyond – according to our own guidelines and specifications.

Therefore, our particular attention is towards the major areas: waste water treatment, recycling, responsibly handling of chemicals respectively avoiding waste in order to prevent human and environment from pollution and hazard.

Energy Management System

Special attention must be paid to the resources and environment when dealing with galvanic or chemical processes. Not only are all safety precautions complied with, a substantial part of our investments are for an environment friendly production.
More efficient and sustainable use of energy becomes more and more important against a background of limited resources and continuous increasing costs. Being aware on our responsibility we currently develop an energy management system in accordance to DIN EN 16001:2009. The implementation will be effected in the course of the coming year.

Relative electricity and water consumption

The relative consumption is computed from the absolute cost referred to the turnover in a corresponding period of time.